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Digital Marketing in the US: Key Platforms and Considerations for European Firms

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

As European companies look to enter or expand in the US, implementing an effective digital marketing strategy is essential. The US has a dynamic digital landscape with nuances and platforms that differ from Europe. Conducting research and developing specialized approaches for the US market is key.

Search Engine Marketing

Google dominates search with over 90% share in the US. Tailoring campaigns by leveraging tools like Google Trends and Keyword Planner is important for connecting with local searchers. Match types and text ads to American spelling and terminology. Optimize landing pages for US audiences. Also consider Microsoft Advertising as a secondary platform.

Social Media Marketing

Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are popular in the US, but tactics should be localized. For example, European humor/slang may not translate. Work with US influencers relevant to your niche. Ensure ad creatives and captions resonate with American consumers. In addition, leverage US-specific platforms like Snapchat and TikTok, which have seen explosive growth.

Content Marketing

Creating locally relevant blogs, videos, and other content is crucial for driving engagement. Adapt topics, tone and examples for American readers. Develop US-focused SEO strategies using American English keywords. Post content during peak US times to maximize visibility. Repurpose content across platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn and Medium.

Email Marketing

With CAN-SPAM regulations, clear opt-in language, inclusion of postal address and careful list management are musts. Segment US subscribers based on demographics and interests. Test timing and subject lines for optimal open rates. Integrate with CRM platforms like Salesforce.

In the complex US digital ecosystem, specialized strategies are needed to connect with local audiences and drive results. Customizing for regional intricacies gives European brands an advantage.

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