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Who We Are

Maximum Ventures isn't just a business; it's the materialization of a multifaceted vision imagined and executed by its founder, Jan-Luc Blakborn. Melding a diverse professional background with a keen entrepreneurial instinct, Jan-Luc has created a versatile company with a strong focus on the U.S. market across multiple industries and multiple business activities.


The Visionary: Jan-Luc Blakborn


With a Master of Science in Economics and Marketing, Jan-Luc's professional terrain spans both Fortune 500 environments, like Philips, Compaq, HP and Sonos, but also the startup ecosystem. His core expertise lies in developing, launching and executing growth strategies for businesses looking to succeed in the United States.


Business Strategy & Growth


Jan-Luc specializes in devising holistic business strategies that help companies establish, run, and scale in many market opportunities in the U.S. market. His tactical approaches are tailored to the unique needs and challenges of various industries and specific client circumstances.


The Global Lens


Having resided on three continents, Jan-Luc brings a nuanced cultural perspective that enriches his business acumen. Fluent in languages such as Dutch, English, Spanish, and Portuguese, he offers a globally-informed viewpoint that complements Maximum Ventures' international ethos.


Passion Beyond Numbers


Jan-Luc's enthusiasm for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and DJing isn’t just a sideline; it's a catalyst for Maximum Ventures' expansions into the entertainment space. This is exemplified by initiatives like Maximum TV (online TV) and Maximum Entertainment, which serve to diversify our industry footprint.


Versatile Management Skills


Reflecting Jan-Luc’s varied experiences—from large corporate settings to nimble startups—Maximum Ventures can pivot effectively to meet diverse client needs. We are a dynamic ecosystem, fortified by the broad spectrum of business creation and business management skills and visions.


Rooted in Houston, Texas


Located in Houston, Texas, Maximum Ventures leverages the city's strategic benefits for optimizing business activities across the United States, and possible entry into Latin America. The city's strategic location, low tax burden, great business climate, expansive port system and its multi-cultural, well-educated population, make it a linchpin for any U.S-focused business strategy. Jan-Luc’s long-term residence in Houston has granted him an intimate understanding of its multifaceted advantages for domestic and international operations.

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Drs. Jan Luc Blakborn

CEO, Founder - Maximum Ventures

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