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"Maximize Audience & Fan Entertainment"

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From nurturing DJ Talent to our innovative Video/OTT platform offering, dynamic event creation and execution, to AI powered marketing specifically designed for DJs/artists/musicians, MAXIMUM ENTERTAINMENT is your destination for electrifying fan and audience engagement and success in the entertainment industry.


Unlock Artistic Potential – Supporting Latino Talent

In a rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, the keys to success for Latino DJs are education, promotion, and monetization. With our SOMNIA DJ TALENT Project, we unlock new opportunities by:

  • Offering education about the (DJ) music business

  • Showcasing talent on our 24-7 internet radio station

  • Providing tools for fan engagement and music distribution

  • Designing tailored monetization strategies

  • Promoting talent across multiple channels for more visibility

Via our SOMNIA DJ Talent Project, we elevate artistic careers and open doors for monetization, turning art and skills into sustainable success.


Own Your Channel, Own Your Audience

In today's visually driven world, effective video management is critical for audience engagement, data analytics, and monetization. Together with our partner TRADECAST we offer:

  • One-stop hosting, distribution, and monetization

  • Multi-screen reach with full ownership of audience

  • Customizable, interactive HTML5 player, per brand's aesthetic

  • Flexible monetization strategies: AVOD, SVOD, TVOD, FAST

  • Deep insights and actionable video analytics

 Partner with us to turn your video assets into engaging, revenue-generating experiences while creating longlasting audience relationships.

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Create Unforgettable Moments

In collaboration with our partner, Orange Juizze, we specialize in turning your vision into spectacular events that resonate. With our EVENT CREATION services, we provide:

  • Tailored concept creation for DJ/EDM and corporate events

  • Comprehensive event planning and logistics

  • Sponsorship acquisition and presentations

  • Flawless on-site execution and operational management

  • Service reach in the USA (Texas), Mexico, and The Netherlands

 Together with Orange Juizze, we craft experiences that aren't just memorable, they're transformative for your brand.

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